The first step is the hardest – Fear gets in the way.

Taking your first step. Jumping off the diving board. Asking the boy or girl for their phone number. Applying for a job. Applying for the military. Applying for college. Buying your first car. Moving out on your own. It is CRAZY to think about all the first that you have taken or going to take as you enjoy this great life adventure we are on. The first step always seems to be the hardest. It has nothing to do with whether you are ready are not, it comes down to are you mentally ready to takes this next step. Can you fight FEAR and win the battle?

Frank Herbert said in his books about DUNE that Fear is the mindkiller. We must let it pass over us and move on and after it is gone we will still be there and the fear would of left us. I think we can all do things that will help our handling of our fears.

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1. Trust yourself. If you have been thinking about making that big move and taking that big job. Then go for it, be excited for it. Do not fear failure. Think about it, before you made the decision to go, you didn’t have it then either. Who know once fear has passed over you and moved on then maybe your opportunities will shine.

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2. Sometimes you don’t get a second chance. That is why that taken that first step is so important. Opportunities are missed when you have been taught for so long that if it sounds to good to be true it can’t be true. I say if it sounds too good to be true, It might be true.

3. Wherever you place yourself, be fine with your decision and move on. We have a short amount of time here and it should never be lived with fear of not taking that first step. God Bless and Take care.


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