Middle School: The first week excitement

Students and Teachers are starting school this week all across the country. Some schools districts have decided to delay a few more weeks but school is starting back up all across the country. The start of a school year is an exciting time for everyone. You get an opportunity to start fresh all over again and the possibilities are limitless. Maybe you got that new haircut or those new clothes to start off the new year. You walk in with an air of confidence that you have never had to start a school year. This is going to be your year. You are shy and have never really made an effort to have many friends, but you sit next to someone that just wants to talk to you everyday. You become friends and the world changes. This is a positive blog and we are going to leave negativity and dark visions right where the need to, checked at the door and not allowed up in here. So I just wanted to go over a few obsevations I see every year that will make that first week a great experience for child and parent. Let jump in with two feet.

Don’t Be Late the First Week

When you arrive to school it is going to seem like this picture. Cars are everywhere. It will be a little intimidating at first, but that is expected. Know that your school admin have taken this into consideration. Follow the direction of the staff and admin to get your child safely into the building. Check the night before to make sure you know what time school starts and get there early so you will not feel overwhelmed or rushed. Students that ride the bus. You need to be at your bus stop 8 to 10 minutes before your anticipated time of bus arrival. Parents be nice to the teachers, remember this is their first day of a new year. They probably had to find someone to take their child to school the first day and they are nervous as well.

You don’t need to bring everything you bought for school to school on the first day.

The teachers and students main objective on the first day is to get acclimated to each other. Teachers get into a routine of getting to know all the different personalities that will be teaching for the next 180 days. Students learning the rules of the classroom, getting papers for parents to sign, and learning their schedule for where they need to be and what time they need to be there. The first day is overwhelming at times, but more so when you haven’t even been assigned a locker. All you need the first day is a Binder to put papers in and pen or pencil to write with. That is all any student will need the first day. Probably the first few days. The teacher will inform the student in the initial class what they need for supplies.

Safety is Paramount.

This new year brings about safety precautions that noone has dealt with in our lifetime. It is important to follow the rules that have been set in place by your school admin and school district. There will be a set time for rest room breaks, times to wash hands, masks might be mandatory in your school. It doesn’t matter if you want to or not. It is about the safety of everyone else not just you. Do what you are asked of when it comes to safety because safety is paramount.

Parents or students email teachers if you have question after the first day.

Sometimes that light bulb doesn’t come on and you feel overwhelmed with all that is going on. It is ok. Think positive. If you are not sure of something important that was said and you want to remember or want to tell your parents then e-mail your teacher. Just about every teacher has given out a syllabus that give grading policies and expectations for their class. On that syllabus is the teacher email. I can almost guarantee it. Teachers love email questions. Teachers check their email two to three times a day and probably two to three times at night. Do not call teachers. They have families of their own at home and are trying to find out how their day went. When a teacher settles in they often will check their school email. Be patient the answer will be coming soon after.

Take notes.

Notice I didn’t say good notes. It doesn’t matter what kind of notes. Take notes all day long about whatever you hear. Notetaking is a value trait. It is a skill many successful people use. Always carry something to write with. Always take notes. You never now when you will learn something you didn’t know and you want to remember it. Take Notes. It will help you remember. That is the purpose of school, correct.

Know where you live and how you are getting home from school

You would be surprised how many students do not know their address for their home. You would be surprised to know that students do not remember the number of the bus they rode to school on that morning, so they can go home in the afternoons. Students memorize your address and your bus number. The teacher will be glad to help you but you have to meet them halfway. Know your home address.

Finally, Remember your school schedule

Teachers can get you to where you need to go if you can tell them the name of the class or teacher you are reporting to. It is hard for a teacher to read your mind. They will have to go get on a computer, take their attention away for 18 to 20 other students just to get you to where you need to be. Teachers don’t mind they will do it, but it would be so much easier if every child remembered or wrote down their schedule.

The new school year is here and the excitement is in the air. Teachers are ready to receive your children and I believe student are ready to learn. Teachers and students help each other out by being patient this year. It is a new school experience for everyone this year. Let’s make it a positive one we will never forget, because we got it done together.