The Brilliant way children think

I love to go to the deep end of the pool and let my feet hang down while I have a pool noodle nestled under my arms. You truly get a sensation of floating almost to the point of if you close your eyes you are flying. While I was enjoying my time in the deep end, my 13 year old son swam up asked me a simple question for him, but to me a complex question.

“Dad, What is worse drowning or suffocating?”

My response, “I don’t know! What do you think?”

E Looked at me and said, “Drowning.”

Then he put his head down and swam away. He was done with the question, but I wasn’t. I have been thinking about that question for hours. His answer was so simple. Mine is not so simple.

I do have some thoughts on the matter.

I think drowning and suffocating are tragic in the water, but I am willing to go a step further and say there are more people in the world that feel like that are drowning or suffocating with life right now. You never should have a feeling that you are drowning in real day to day life. Who do you have that is a positive beacon of light in your life? I am here for you, you do not have to be alone. I feel like it is important to have someone tell you your worth. All of God’s children are worthy. Sometimes we lose sight of the great things that happen in our life because of the negative images that is so often focused on in the media. Everyday is a blessed day when you wake up. Make the most of your day. Think of all the positive influences you can make on other today just by being you. Let start by celebrating our successes and keep moving forward.

Here are three things you can do today to make that change. To feel successful and feel better about life. Even you have a great life these three thing will make your life closer to our goal of excellence.

  1. Get up and make your Bed.

You will be successful first thing in the morning.

2. Call someone you have not talked to in a while.

It will make their day to hear your voice. Tell them you were thinking about them.

3. Write a Post-It Note telling your self one positive adjective describing yourself.

It will make you feel good.

My son had it right. It was a tough question with a simple answer. Answer the question that troubles you and move on. Be Happy, be excited about life, and BE EXCELLENT in all your endeavors. God Bless and Have a beautiful day.

Coach JD

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