Being part of a team

Being part of a team. You truly miss it when you have been a part of a team. You truly miss it when you have been a part of many great teams that have influenced the person you are and the direction of your life. I remember my first team. It was the group of students that went from Kindergarten in that red brick building and white building across from Rocket Field and finished 12 years later at Oconee County High School. I remember in the yearbook when they took the picture of everyone that graduated. We worked together to get through school and I still keep in touch with a large number of my former classmates on social media. I have not seen them for over 30 years but it seems like yesterday, because we were a team. I joined the Air Force and was stationed at Lowry AFB in 1992, Moody AFB 1993, and Edwards AFB in 1999. The one thing I remember from all them is what an honor to be part of a great team. I learned so much from each of them and each person I was stationed with has played a huge impact on my life. A country kid from Bishop Ga traveled the world and made friends with men and women from Thailand, New Mexico, England, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and many other countries and states. Needless to say we still trust each other and care for each other after me being separated from the service for almost 20 years. That leads me to my team for the past 15 years at the school I teach at, but not just the school I teach at but the the teaching profession. We care for each other and have a common mission to care for each student that comes into our lives. We are a team of counselors, teachers, administrators, coaches, sponsors, and substitute teachers who give out hearts everyday to the students we teach. Even today, two weeks before school starts back and the uncertainty we face, we as teachers are thinking about the well being and education of the students we will be entrusted with. Teachers that have anxiety over the start of the new year, know that you have a great team to help you when you feel like you are doing it alone. You always have your team of teachers, colleagues, and friends in the school building. I have been a part of many great teams in my 48 years and I am proud to say that every team I have been a part of has striven for EXCELLENCE. We can do this because we have each other. If you are a student out there, now that your teacher and administration are in this for you. You are never alone, we will find a way to make this an EXCELLENT year. God Bless you all.

Coach JD

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