Acts of kindness and manners can change the world faster than you think

Everyday I am amazed at the how a simple Good Morning can make someones day. I have kids that come through the doors of the school that seek me out to tell me Good morning now because they look forward to hearing me say good morning and ask them about what can we expect in their day today. I look forward to saying Good Morning to all the teachers in the hallway and the ones that arrive to work through the door I work at. Everyday, every morning, Good morning. Two simple words and one simple act of kindness makes a huge difference. I was out one day and when I came back I could see the concern in my students wanting to know where I had been. It might not have been for me but because they needed someone to talk to, but I know that a Good Morning goes a long way to showing you care.

I coach several sports, but I make it a purpose to attend any sporting events that I can that I do not coach. I really try to make sure the kids see me even if I was only there for a minute. If you are a future teacher or a teacher that wants to build better relationships with your students. Go to one of their sporting events and make sure they see you there. It means the world to your students and it will definitely help you with classroom relationships.

The lunchroom ladies need our love too. They are awesome. They make sure these students are well fed and can function throughout the day with healthy and delicious lunches. They only see the students twice a day but they build relationships with the students. The students trust them and I see that on a regular basis. The kids look forward to seeing their favorite lunchroom worker. Lunchroom workers need our love and appreciation. Parents don’t forget to give the lunchroom worker your appreciation too. They need acts of kindness too.

The next person who works hard to keep our schools looking super nice is the Janitorial crew. They need to be told thank you and how awesome they are on a regular basis as well. They will do anything for the students. They keep the students safe and clean and they do acts of kindness all the time as part of their job and they make a difference. I see it. It is so beautiful going to work in a well kept building.

I tell you this from a school perspective because it is what I see everyday and I see the smiles on the faces of people that work hard and sometimes seem underappreciated, but they give, and give, and give to the development of the children.

You can use this in all interactions on a day to day basis anywhere. How hard is it to say Thank you? How hard is it to hold a door open for someone? How hard is it to say Good Morning? How hard is it to give a helping hand? It is free! It is manners! It is what can make this a better world. You don’t even have to go out of your way to let someone know you care. You will come across someone on a daily basis that need to hear one of those words of kindness. Make their day by being nice.

Acts of Kindness and Manners are what we need in this world. Not the politics, not the violence, teach positive and drown them with kindness. Give it a week and trust me you will see a difference in your students, your parents, your colleagues, and all your relationships.