Middle School Life

In the coming weeks I will begin an instructional series of blogs and posts concerning ways to make middle school easier or less scary. Some topics I will be covering are:

— Communication: Listening Skills

–Communication: Conflict Resolution

–Communication: The Cause of Conflict

–Communication: Communication Styles

–Understanding what Respect is to Adults

–Understanding what Respect is to a Middle Schooler

–How to set goals while in Middle School

–How we can have safe classrooms in Middle School

–Understand signs of depression in Middle School

–Depression: Understanding Suicide Prevention

–Middle School Hygiene: Why it is important

–Middle School: Understanding Basic Nutrition

–Middle School: Understanding the Bully and how to handle bullying

Please Like, Subscribe, or Leave me a message if there is a topic you would like me to cover about life as a Middle School Student or a Middle School Parent.

These are all my view and opinions on Middle School life and do not express the opinion of any school system I have ever been employed at. These are all experiences I have from 15 years of teaching and raising my two kids into young adults.

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