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Picture is worth a million words, it can change your stars!


A Knight’s Tale (Can you change your STARS?)

The Picture that changed my thought processes during this historic time of living our lives at home away from those we love and care about. A basic human need is social interaction. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever social network you use is great, but it does not substitute for genuine physical presence of a colleague or friend. On July 2nd of this year I was going through my Facebook posts and I saw a picture. In the picture was a television with a movie on it, A Knight’s Tale. A picture inside of a picture got my wheels turning and my thought processes rolling and steam seeping out of my ears. I pulled out my old DVD’s. (Yes, I have a ton of them.) I started watching A Knight’s Tale. The question of “What would it take to change your Stars?” kept popping in my head. What would it take? Motivation, Money, Success, Weight Loss, Popularity, etc….. One word kept popping in my head. I had heard this word and I have used this word many times in my teaching as a Physical Education teacher. One word that can make you believe in yourself. One word that can push you to do things you never thought was possible. One word that can define you as a person. EXCELLENCE.

Bill and Ted even said it many, many years ago. BE EXCELLENT! It is true. Everything you do in life can be impacted by those words. You are going on a trip and you want to drive your family their and arrive safely. Be an EXCELLENT drive. You want to make a tomato sandwich for lunch. You definitely want to be EXCELLENT. You would not think it is that hard to mess up a good Tomato sandwich, but it is. That is a blog for another time. You want to love you family. Be Excellent in your love. You want to honor Christ and his teaching. Be Excellent in your service to him.

To live an great life. An awesome life. It starts with Excellence in all we do. If you want to share in my journey and here more of my thoughts please subscribe to my blog. Even leave me a message. God Bless and I hope you journey will coincide with mine.

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