Champions Believe in Excellence!

Coach Jerry Dickens

Middle School Physical Education Teacher 14 years

7th Grade Football Coach 13 Years

High School Varsity Assistant Coach 13 Years

United States Air Force Veteran 9 Years

Husband for 25+ Years

Father to 2 Teenagers (1 Female and 1 Male)

I decided during this historic time in our history that just sitting at home wasn’t enough. I found myself eating alot of food and playing to many video games. I was not taking care of myself. Mentally I was letting myself down. I am a coach, a mentor, and a teacher. I made the decision to do something that can help someone. WHAT AM I GOOD AT? I am a middle school coach. Hopefully I can help one or two or hundreds of people with my stories and life experiences. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I hope you will subscribe and stay with me on the adventure.

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